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AGAINST ME!: Americans abroad - Live in london (Fatwreck records, 2006)

(u Prodaji od 21.09.2006)
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Nakon 3 dugosvirajuća albuma, od kojih su dva izdana na Fatwrecku, ovi "akustični" pankeri snimili su i posljednje izdanje za istu izdavačku kuću u vidu live albuma. Sa radom ovog benda sam već od ranije upoznat jer sam imao priliku recenzirati njihov album "Eternal cowboy" za koji sam rekao da će slušatelje oboriti s nogu ili će jednostavno nakon prvog preslušavanja odložiti CD. Za ovaj live uradak opet ne mogu reći ništa više od toga, te nadodati kako je ovdje ipak produkcija mnogo lošija, te su neke pjesme i sporije odsvirane. Na CDu se nalazi 17 punk-rock numera odsviranih prljavim gain gitarama te je možda taj netipčni nedostatak distorzije ono što me smeta kod ovog benda - ili me to privlači (još uvijek ne mogu posložiti dojmove op.maxse)? No ipak, ono što krasi ovaj bend je činjenica da su vrhunski zabavljači i iskreni u onome što rade i po tome ih izuzetno cijenim. Cijeni se i činjenica da su upravo oni jedan od rijetkih fatwreck bendova koji su svirali u Hrvatskoj i to dva puta.

Da zasladim recenziju, i prenesem vam barem djelić atmosfere sa live snimke, prenosim vam i jedan neobjavljeni intervju sa bendom. Sa Warrenom smo pričali trenutak nakon njihovog nastupa u Mocvari pred otprilike dvije godine.

AGAINST ME!: Hey! Over here! I have some wisdom to share.
TERAPIJA: Yea, we're listenig!
AGAINST ME!: [makes a frown] I kinda forgot what it was... [laughs]
TERAPIJA: Well, OK anyway, we'll have to get back on it. I see you're drinking pelinkovac. You like it?
AGAINST ME!: Hell yea! This is great shit! We usually get totally smashed playing, but this... this is awesome! We're coming back here again just to to get more!
TERAPIJA: That's great, we like it, too! Anyway, to get on with the 'view, colud you tell us how is it that you decided to play punk the way you do; bluesy, not using distortions, generally not following the trend?
AGAINST ME!: Well, to be honest, i have to say that none of us actually likes punk. We hate it! [general laugter] It's boring!
TERAPIJA: What kind of music you do like then?
AGAINST ME!: Erm... Mostly hip hop, jazz, blues... or techno..
TERAPIJA: How come you play in a punk band then? You are a punk bend, right?
AGAINST ME!: Yea, we are. It's cause we are punks. It's all in the attitude.
TERAPIJA: You spend a lot of time on the road. How do you cope, do you get along, or are you at each other's throats?
AGAINST ME!: We tour about 10 months a year. Than can be pretty exhausting. Well, we get along, otherwise we wouldn't be here, ofcourse. Sometimes things get pretty rough, but we get through. You get to know each other alot better, too. For instance, Jordan, our roadie has the smelliest ass in the world. Y'know, sometimes you just stop and say: what's that smell? And then: Oh, no! JORDAN!!! [laughs]
TERAPIJA: Any funny stories? Anything illegal?
AGAINST ME!: Well, I can tell you this... Just the other day we were supposed to cross the border and still had a bag full of, you know. So we sat down and got down to business. It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it!
TERAPIJA: Yea, sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
AGAINST ME!: Or sometimes some men and some women gotta do what some men and some women gotta do...
TERAPIJA: So you're having fun, that's nice. Do you always play this wasted and this short? We wanted to hear ''Pints of Guiness...'' or ''Impact''...
AGAINST ME!: We didn't play that?! We were supposed to.. I guess we did play it, but it was subliminal! You couldn't hear it. [laughs sinisterly] We don't play ''Impact'' anymore couse they made it with the old drummer and I don't know how to play it.
TERAPIJA: Since some of us might be getting married soon, would you be interested in playing at the wedding?
AGAINST ME!: Nah, we couldn't. Every time any one of us goes to a wedding we end up totally drunk and unable to play properly...
TERAPIJA: But that's exactly the state you have to be in for a Croatian wedding! Plus, you're expected to bring a gun. And use it!
AGAINST ME!: Really? Then we're in! And I always carry my piece with me!
TERAPIJA: You have a piece? And it's on you? Show it!
AGAINST ME!: Here it is! [turns around, unflys his pants and shows us his penis]
TERAPIJA: [we took a picture of it, but I'm not sure it's for public. Sorry, folks] Gee... Anyway, you were signed for Epitaph recently. How do you like them so far?
AGAINST ME!: [zips his pants up] It's cool. We like it, they're OK.
TERAPIJA: I just can't stop myself from asking, but could you tell us how you got your name?
AGAINST ME!: Well, it was a long time ago, before we knew each other. On the same date, on the same night, each one of us had a bizzare dream, and the only thing we remember of it was: against me! Hence the name.
TERAPIJA: What?! Anyway, I think we're done bugging you. Thanks, hope you like it here and sure hope to see you again.
AGAINST ME!: No problem! We're definitely coming back, the show was great, we loved it! And maybe then I'll tell you the real story about the name!

maxse // 02/10/2006

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