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CLEARLAKE: Amber (Domino, 2006)

As we recently had an interview with CLEARLAKE band member Woody, I believe that there is no need to repeat what has already been said and to introduce them again. "Amber" is their third album. This album can be divided into three units, which are not that visible at first but by listening to the album parts of each unit may be recognized.

These are: something old, something new and something slow and beautiful, but necessary for a break.

The first group consists of introductory and great song No Kind of Life, the first single Good Clean Fun and Far Away which bring you back to the best days of shoegaze bends (CHAPTERHOUSE, SWERVEDRIVER…), and among them you can also put great closing It's Getting Light Outside, as obvious tribute to genius Australian band THE GO-BETWEENS from Tallulah/16 Lovers Lane phase.

Obviously encouraged with the success of basic rock'n'roll guitar bands, they excluded from some songs that BLUR-like echo and they made emphasis on basic guitar chord. In this way Neon with addition of mouth-organ sounds stronger than any other song they ever had, whereas Finally Free, I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted i Here To Learn are classic guitar pop-rock pieces.

As the last group we must mention beautiful love ballad You Can't Have Me, title song Amber, very sad Dreamt That You Died and Widescreen (which came here even though it can't be classified as a ballad). Even though they are not left for the end of the album but are mixed in the middle of the album, these slow songs provide a break for the listener so that he can afterwards again continue in crazy dynamic rhythm.

grade [1-10]: 9

pedja // 28/02/2006

PS: Thanks again to Woody on valuable answers and this great CD
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