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HEAVY TRASH: Heavy Trash (Yep Roc Records, 2005)

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta Ray are HEAVY TRASH! It says so on the cover. Do you really need another reason to listen to this album? Well, if you love The Blues Explosion and Speedball Baby than the answer is probably: ''No!!''.

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray began their friendship a long time ago when their bands used to tour together. Since they are both rockabilly fans it didn't take them long to turn their hanging out - drinking beer - listening to old records and jamming, in Matt's NY Hed studio in New York, into an actual album. They made it the old way, analog style. Although there are many guest musicians on the album, Lily Wolfe (Parker and Lily), Paul Dugan (Big Lazy), Marcus Farrar (Speedball Baby), to mention a few, Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray played almost everything themselves, and they've produced it too.
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Songs are short and sweet, guitars are dirty and scratchy and they have lyrics to match. Just listen to 'The Loveless' with ''They call me the Loveless / I'm a mean son of a bitch / They call me the heartless / Baby, I don't give a shit'' and you can imagine Jon driving away on his motorcycle leaving you in a cloud of dust. 'Under The Waves' is an ever popular murder ballad about a man who just had to kill his woman, and 'Gatorade' with it's catchy chorus is, as Matt nicely put it, 'instruction manual to eating pussy' ('I said honey don't you use that thing to pee? / She said 'Ha, why don't you suck it and see'').

Heavy Trash play rockabilly the way rockabilly should be played, dirty and aggressive. Great road trip music and a perfect music for all-night drinking parties.

grade [1-10]: 10

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