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FRIDAY BRIDGE: Intricacy (But is It Art?, 2008)

Here is another very good band that is released by our friends from But is it Art?. Friday Bridge are, for those who still don't know, a swedish duo that creates music reminescent of french pop from the 60s crossed with 80s electropop, and Intricacy is their debut album.

Not to make everything too simple, in the course of songs Friday Bridge use all sorts of exiting and bizarre insruments like hapsychord so they have quite a unique and refreshing sound. To make things even better, one of the guests on the album is none other than Mr. Fosca himself, Dickon Edwards and everyone know how much we like Fosca. Still, Intricacy is not as good as we hoped it would be. The problem lies either in production or in some of the instruments that Friday Bridge use because though the entire album you can hear trashy synthisizer sound that starts to irritate after some time.

I mean, everything is great while the songs are great so you can mentally push it in the background and forget about - from the intro called "Prologue" till the seventh "Le Satin S'Emprare De La Mode" I didn't even notice it - but from song number eight "The End of The Affair" to "Pidgeon" I can barelly stand it.
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Friday Bridge   © © Johan Eklund 2007

Luckily, at the end we get "It Girl" and "A Comedy" which end up album in such lovely and beautiful way that you can't help yourself and must listen to it again and again.

In any case, Friday Bridge are very good band that can only get better. Especially if the get rid of that lousy synth.

grade [1-10]: 7

kris // 11/04/2008


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