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PETER BROGGS: Igzabihir Yakal (Majestic Music, 2005)

As you might know, if you read the interview with producer of this album and/or Peter's biography, Peter Broggs has survived stroke in 2004. He is slowly recovering from the mentioned, so we can only hope to hear Peter's voice on some other record in the future. Until then, and if that ever happens, this remains his lastest album. Published at the end of 2005. in exclusively vinyl format, album 'Igzabihir Yakal' is result of cooperation between dutch producer Dub Creator and Broggsa, which happend in Dub Creator's studio at year 2002. Sole title of album translated means "Jah see and know all things". A list of six songs that are on the album are followed by numericaly identical sum of related dubs, and the total is proving that Broggs at age of 48 years was in better vocal shape then ever!
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Starting with a opening song, "A Child is Born", it seems like Broggs is announcing the wholeness and power of whole record, evoking his inspiration from Supreme Being. That song is followed by first massive hit of album, "Streets of Glory", seted in a massive and faster rhythm with theme field directly connected with forerunner, and futher deepened by showcase of Peter's personal devition to rastafari. "Love in a Higher Region" is literal transformation of love to higher dimension, the one that's closer to God, then to material things, and when you add to that probably fastest rhythm on the record, what you get is hardly overtaken equivalence of hit and dedication to Supreme Being. Other side of vinyl is opened with heart-destroying song, "Ancient King", which is another dedication to Haile Selassie. Revelation time! Song "Who Say Jah is Dead?" is by it's theme easely connected with "Streets of Glory", and it acually takes a role of musical answer to ever-present question asked by the sceptics. Adjudge to signs of the time reached in last song, acually is supreme muster to world "rulers" to get to the ground.

Of course, all mentioned in prior text could be more detailed, but the significance of this work could only be truly measured and explained after every one of you listen to the record from beginning to the end. Tandem of Peter Broggs - Dub Creator has proved to be sucessful, and it's a real shame that probably, except for some possible single, we would not hear anymore of "International Farmer", how Peter's nickname goes. All the money from this LP is meant for Peter's own rehabilitation, so if you are in position, please buy this record. With the rarely good record, you will get inner satisfaction from helping one really talented and special human being.

grade [1-10]: 10

igor kozličić // 24/05/2006


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