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COUSTEAU: Cousteau (Palm pictures, 2001)

I'm walking in the city on one hot, summer, sticky night and through the door of one bar I hear familiar sounds, and yet not so familiar. Something like Tindersticks, or perhaps Nick Cave, or maybe even Jack. The last of mentioned made me so interested that without having second thoughts I walked into the empty and dark hall. I'm walking downstairs into the basement, entering the smoky bar, hearing the life performance but not seeing clearly to the stage. I hear some lyrics "...on the last good day of the year..." and I recognise the voice. This is "Black" playing something much better than "Wonderful Life".

I'm finding my place next to the bar, I am ordering the beer and asking the waiter who is performing. He said "Cousteau",I said "Who?",he said "Not the Who, but Cousteau!".Oh, I've never heard of them. The playing is continued, quite fit for such interiors. A lot of trumpets, a genuine contrabass, are thrilling in some moments. The bend is in the mood, so they play "The Last Good Day of the Year" one more time for the end. This song seems to be the hit, even though other songs are also not much behind.
I wait for the end of the play and thrilled go home to sleep. The next day I'm telling all my friends how I discovered a new band named Cousteau with at least one phenomenal song "The Last Good Day of the Year".

I hope that you, my dear reader may by listening to this album picture yourself the same atmosphere.

grade [1-10]: 10

pedja // 01/02/2003

PS: touched by the hand of lana

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