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Zeni Geva odgođeni za jesen

Koncert samurajskih nojzera Zeni Geva, koji je trebao biti održan u subotu 21.04.2007. u SC Galeriji u Zagrebu, je odgođen za jesen, kao i cijela europska turneja benda, zbog obiteljskih problema KK Nulla.

Obavijest sa službene stranice KK Nulla i myspacea benda:

Dear all of my friends & colleagues,

I'm terribly sorry and very sad to tell you this, but we must cancel this time ZENI GEVA tour.

Because my mother was suddenly felled by a brain hemorrhage at the night of April 3rd and she has been still in the hospital getting intensive care at ICU. Fortunately she escaped death, however the situation doesn't allow premature conclusions and still there're so many things to do. Of course, this is totally unexpected and very very shock to me. I am only her son, I am the only one in charge of looking after her and take responsibility for all of her life. Mother is not just a one of a family members, you know. At this moment it's absolutely impossible for me to leave my mother behind and go to Europe for 1 month. At this moment I cannot think of anything but taking care of my mother and wishing her recovery. I must stay here and look after my Mom.

I want all of you know that I was really looking forward to this tour and really excited and ready to "rock" with very strong & high motivation. I've never thought if I would cancel the tour at all. But in this situation here now, I have no choice. I hope you understand. I'm terribly sorry for any & all inconveniences and troubles may be caused by this cancellation.

Please accept my sincere apologies from the bottom of my heart.
I'm sorry again and thank you very much for your understanding & support.

Sincerely regards,

---- Kazuyuki Kishino of ZENI GEVA

Nadamo se da će se majka KK Nulla brzo oporaviti, kao i da će nam Zeni Geva doći na jesen.

ana // 14/04/2007


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