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Kip Berman (The Pains of being pure at heart)

"The Pains of being pure at heart", a young but powerful indie band from NY, previously reviewed on those pages, will share with us their deepest feelings, fears and influences... Read the following lines to find out what they think about "Wedding Present", "My Bloody Valentine", about weather in NY, their lyrics and will they ever visit Zagreb, why Chinese take-out food is so important in their life and many more...

Does your name "Pains of being pure at heart" come from your personal experience and if yes is there any way we could help?

Kip: The name comes from the title of a children's book (unpublished) written by a friend of mine.

What about the lyrics? Are they personal?

Kip: Yes, the lyrics are entirely personal. They are about us, about our experiences or about people we know.

Which/What love is "fucking right"?

Kip: It's up to the listener to decide, really.

You played with "Wedding present"... Who initiate it? How was it?

Kip: The Wedding Present is an amazing band. David Gedge is a fantastically talented songwriter and it was such a thrill to be able to tour with them. I'm not sure how it all came together, but we're awfully glad it did!

Who has the biggest influence on your sound. And the smallest?

Kip: I'm not sure if there is any one band that is "the most" influential. We all really like noisy pop music, so bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth or Yo la Tengo all have that quality of being able to mix beautiful melodies with noisier elements.

If there will be another "My bloody valentine" concert, will you buy tickets?

Kip: no. they're expensive.
[ http://www.thepainsofbeingpureatheart.com ]


Do you like when it rains? Do you like sunny weather? How did you succeed to incorporate all that in your songs?

Kip: I think i appreciate all sorts of weather, though when it gets really hot in New York in the summer it gets pretty miserable. I do like rainy days when i can just stay inside-- same with snow-- it's always easier to appreciate when you can just stay in.

You're from NY. Let's imagine I'm indie-influenced man stucked in ninetees... Where would you take me out on friday night?

Kip: Well, in the lower east side there is a place called Cake Shop, which is a venue, bar and spiritual pop center for all things indiepop and DIY. As for Brooklyn, a bar in Greenpoint called "Daddy's" is a popular hangout as a lot of our friends and other bands go there, though the most fun is when you go to a party at someone's apartment or a show. Last Saturday night i went to a "steak restaurant" for a pop show-- a local promoter had rented out their banquet room and had gotten some bands together to play, like Knight School and My Teenage Stride. It was a lot of fun!

Are you planning an european tour? If yes don't forget Zagreb! Deal?

Kip: We are planning a European tour this spring, though at this stage of our existence, it's a bit difficult to come any further east than Germany. Though i'd very much love to travel to eastern europe and greece at some point, if that sort of thing is ever possible.

What do you like to eat after 12 hours of constant work?

Kip: Chinese Take Out/Take Away is popular as the place is about one block from my apartment. Thai food is good too. New York has about every single kind of food you can imagine, and for most stuff it's pretty cheap.

When I grow up I would like to be...

Kip: In my favorite band.

danko // 26/02/2009


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