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GUGGENHEIM GROTTO: Happy The Man (2009)

Does anyone know who invented the story about traditionally difficult second album? However this myth might sometimes might be true, on many other times it is completely off the mark. In case of Guggenheim Grotto, second album is on absolutely all fronts better than its predecessor. Guggenheim Grotto have on "Happy The Man" rebuilt their unique combination of Irish folk and modern pop by using electronics and arrangements tuned to perfection. I'm happy to say, it all works amazingly good. The only potential problem is that Guggenheim Grotto are too good at what they do so their songs sound like they should be played in front of the full stadiums (think U2 or James). Unfortunately, they're still not at that level but we can hope...
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Guggenheim Grotto

It is particularly worth to mention the opening "Fee da da dee", darkish "Sunshine Makes Me" as well as beautiful "Everyman". Even though it was created only two years after "Waltzing Along", "Happy the Man" is filled with innovative melodies and the best thing about is how fast it passes by. Before you know it, the album is finished and its time once again to click play.

Guggenheim Grotto - Her Beautiful Ideas

grade [1-10]: 9

kris // 11/02/2009


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