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FOSCA: The Painted Side Of The Rocket (But is it Art?, 2008)

When, some years ago, I accidentaly stumbled upon second Fosca album "Diary of the Antibody", I couldn't believe my ears! It was totally unbelievable to me how someone can so accurately capture the spirit of music that Cinerama were doing on "Va Va Voom" or "This is Cinerama". I was so happy because of this because, for me, that is the best sound imaginable. I was thrilled by both music and lyrics, and logically I started to follow every little news tidbit about Fosca. But this didn't last long because Fosca disappeared from the scene for entire 6 years.
I started thinking about Fosca as of closed chapter but then came a really pleasant surprise! A lightning from the clear sky, if you want - all of the sudden much anticipated 3rd album comes out!
[ Dickon Edwards ]

Dickon Edwards

Luckily, not much has changed. While on the other hand, Gedge doesn't feel like writing pop songs anymore and just wants to make loud songs with The Wedding Present, Fosca are still brilliant indie pop band. Honestly, there isn't a song on this album that isn't superb and for me, this is already a serious contender for the album of the year. My favourites are the songs where Dickon pushed the boundaries even further and expanded classic Fosca sound. So we definitely need to mention Cure-ish "We see the world as our stund doubles", Clientele-ish "Don't be a DJ" or "Evening Dress at 3PM" that could be on Belle and Sebastian album. Still, best tune is without doubt "Come Down from The Cross (Someone else needs the wood)"
[ Dickon Edwards ]

Dickon Edwards

So, the overall conclusion is that even waiting 6 years is not that much when you get an album like this in the end. Still, I won't give this album 10/10 because Dickon said that this is probably the last album that Fosca will ever made. How does he dare!?!

Fosca - Secret Cruch on The Third Trombone

grade [1-10]: 9

kris // 03/04/2008


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