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Gauthier & Christophe from great belgian post-rock/dream-pop band told us something about the band and music they like...

Tell us something about Cecilia Eyes?

Gauthier: Cecilia Eyes is the result of 5 guys having too much listened to post rock bands, shoegazing, noisy and new wave. It's also the result of too much usage of reverbs, delays, distortions, alcool and melancoly. Cecilia eyes is what you need to listen too when you want to close your eyes and make yourself a movie.

Christophe: You can also listen to cecilia::eyes when you eat a Chili Con Carne.

Tell us something about your name?

Xavier: Our band name was inspired by the eyes of a mysterious blind woman called Cecilia. Our music is supposed to be what you can see through heir eyes.
We choosed "cecilia::eyes" instead of "Cecilia's eyes" because we liked the sound and the graphism of it and the four points are there as a kind of "scope resolution operator" (check it on the web if you like - who's a geek?:))

Who has the biggest influence on your sound?

Gauthier: Godspeed & Pink Floyd

Christophe: Iliketrains, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive

Song/album that changed your life?

Gauthier: Ride - Leave them all behind

Christophe: Slowdive - Blue day

What do you think about myspace in promotional purposes? Do you prefer other kind of promotion?

Gauthier: Myspace is a great place to share information and music samples, it could be a little bit more user friendly for the customisation.

Beside that it's a great platform for all kind of bands, we try to keep our information up to date there.

What is the music scene like in Belgium. We know about dEUS, ZITA SWOON, Transit, ANSATZ DER MASCHINE... Tell us more!?

Gauthier: There are tons of good music from Belgium, you should try Girls in Hawaï, Arno, Agent 5.1, Pillow, Selah Sue, Ozark Henry, Magnus, Ghinzu, An Pierlé, Hooverphonic, Soulwax, Ks Choice, Airlock, Starving, Novastar,...but only after having listen to our new album about 20 times ok ?

Cecilia Eyes - Death for Treason - VK Brussels October 2008

Are there plans for european tour?

Gauthier: No plan at this time but we will be in Romania (Bucarest) the 24th of September!

We're hoping to make other shows in Europe this year.

If you have good deals for us, contact us !

What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?

Gauthier: today I was listening to : Hammock, Your ten mofo, Saxon Shore and Slowdive

Christophe: Gregor Samsa, Crippled Black Phoenix, The Besnard Lakes, Jakob, Apse, Labradford, Redjetson, Her Name is Calla, This Will Destroy You,Doi, Hope Sandoval, Glissando,Trespassers William and of course Black eyed peas and Mika ;-)

Tell me something I would never guess about you?

Gauthier: I want to kill my dog

Christophe: I want to make love with three women on stage while the other members of the band are playing "too late for a porn movie". You're welcome (if you are a girl)

Cecilia::Eyes - Too Late For A Porn Movie

pedja // 05/06/2010


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