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Alpha & Omega of the band, not in the mood for our questions...

Tell us something about Hidden Cameras?

See below.

A brief history of how the band started?

I was writing songs and recording them in University and eventually letting my friends hear them. Once we were finished school, they started an art gallery and booked me to play a show. So the first show by The Hidden Cameras was in December 2000 at a show called "Miracle" at West Wing Art Space on Queen St. in Toronto.

You just released your new studio album "Origin: Orphan". Did your perspective on music and making music changed through years?

Instead of recording a bunch of songs in the same time and place, "Origin:Orphan" was recorded in many different studios and cities over many years. I think the diverse sound of the record.

You write all the songs, sings them, play many instruments on records, and designs the CD covers. Isn't it too much for one man?

I enjoy realizing my songs and all the steps involved.

You directed the video for "In the NA", first single from new album. Is it something you hope to do again?

"In the NA" is the forth video I have made for the band, it is definitely something I will do again.
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Are there any song that you would like to cover and any artist that you would like to play with?

The band have been talking about covering "Proper Ornaments" by The Free Design and I have finally learned all the chords to the song.

What do you think about Myspace, Facebook and other sites for promotion of music?

They are OK but I miss the old way.

pedja // 03/01/2010


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