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Maywa Denki @ Močvara 26/10/2009

Performing at an ecclestial level of entertainment, just in the style of ever-innovating Japanese technological industry, this ex-household electric appliance provider, is to finally present their state-of-the-art products to our progress-exempt Croatian market. And by announcing it like this I rather mean it literally. These artists really follow up on the pride of their ancestors who brought up the country to the level which it now enjoys - maybe not the fastest tech-growing, but definitely a Japan we all identify as the land where technology has its greatest tradition and had rooted deep down into the society's way of thinking. In which other way is it fairly possible to explain a 125 million people's market on a small infertile pacific island, not relieved of everyday shaky earthquakes.

After all, had it not been for their initial selling products, those el. appliances, it is rather likely that they would not have come up with the idea of creating novel music accessories just in that same manner, using little robots as replacements for the afore-existing human musicians.

Presenting themselves as product sellers, and performing not in concerts but on live public demonstrations and product presentations, constantly conducting workshops in order to brainstorm new creative musical ideas that will eventually become one of their fresh toys or yet music assistants. Whilst describing it as a toy, I am referring to the same toys being sold at the MoMA - Museum of Modern Arts in NY downtown Manhattan. Probably one of their finest toys are exposed via Knockman Family, the funny miniature music utensils. Their presentations usually end up in laugh-provoking directed towards the audience, and it is not peculiar should they spark it up with certain scholarly jokes on how they are capable of producin an unknown musical instrument in a matter of 80 minutes.
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The Idea is of high importance to each creative innovator. In this manner they stress on a ''method of conceiving nonsense ideas''. The public, present at the working sessions, will assemble small musical gadgets from material not weighing more than 100 yen (equivalent of the western 1 or 2$ shops). Accordingly, these candidate gadgets, characterized by ''funny mechanics and cuteness'' may as well end up on stage just on the night when you and I will come to see them deep in action.

One of their three product lines, the 100V instruments, utilize the ''analogue beyond digital'' principle, stating that none of the sounds we will hear are being made by computers. Instead, they are produced by miniature robots playing on real string, percussion and organ instruments. What kind of a party just awaits us can be briefly explained, should you be aware of the fame they enjoy in Japan is an equivalent of the popularity enjoyed by an industry that already conquered the world, corporations like Sony and such. It's clearly Maywamania.

Bookworms should also follow up on their literature product line, which proves to be a recognition of their understanding how the music industry works, and the way they deal with it. Specifically, their common way of looking at this verbatim industry is quite bizarre to comprehend, due to the fact that they publish annual business reports on their site. It's a pity they are only available in Japanese language, otherwise we could probably have a better clue, and idea. Additionally, it does not help by any way that the sentence below claims: ''We kindly appreciate your comprehension of the above uploaded reports''!
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Finally, I would briefly like to list some of the funny name-based exhibitions they participated in, in chronological order: Job training center 98, Fancy dance 99, Hello! 99, Fish-flower 00, Romance engineering 02, Cyberarts 03, Hommes et robots 03, Nonsense machines 04&06, New world of match-box design 05, Tokyo pet show 06, and also to present the forthcoming one, Nonsense business seminar 10. . .

The ticket, being only 40 HRK, each of us Homo Recessionists can manage to put up with it, especially shall you conduct a further price-to-entertainment ratio analysis for this very night. Thus I am to kindly urge you all swamp-fond listeners to participate in this one and only event in the history of Močvara. Even the swamp-heading people reassured us of this fact, therefore we can only expect the unpredictable - a total chaos in our non-innovative Croatian minds. Nippon gurus, kindly baptize us poor laymen, and as we Croats like to say, common mortals.:ftw!

marin // 23/10/2009


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