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MUGSHOTS new EP is out now!

GCM Music and Alka Record Label, in cooperation with Black Widow Records and Desert Dreams Productions (USA) are proud to announce the new opus by dark rockers THE MUGSHOTS: "Love, Lust And Revenge".

In 2012 The Mugshots started a collaboration with DICK WAGNER, legendary guitar player for Lou Reed and Alice Cooper and performer/author for Peter Gabriel, Ray Manzarek, Kiss, Aerosmith, Meat Loaf and many others. The musician has produced, arranged and played five songs for The Mugshots, the first european band ever produced by Dick Wagner, supported by associate producer SUSAN MICHELSON, former backing vocalist for Michael Jackson.

The EP has been mixed at prestigious Chaton Studions in Phoenix, Arizona, by OTTO D'AGNOLO (Platinum Award Winning Producer & Engineer). Chaton Studios is the place where the likes of Neil Diamond, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soulfly, Kenny Rogers and many others gave life to their masterpieces.

Mastering has been done by dr. GIL MARKLE (Massachusetts), known for collaborating with Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith and Rolling Stones among the others. Dr. Markle has been teaching Philosophy at Clark University while hosting people such as John Belushi at Long View Farm.

Cooperation with the above american entities will last, as some other projects will surely take shape in the future.

The Mugshots' new EP shall be distributed worldwide by Black Widow Records (Genova, Italy), released by GCM Factory (Trento, Italy) and digitally distributed by Alka Record Label (Ferrara, Italy).

The featured model on the cover is Suzi Lorraine from NYC, actress in international horror productions and model for the ad of the original "A Nightmare On Elm Street" glove.

The songs included in "Love, Lust And Revenge" are featured in the original soundtrack of "Reversed", a thriller movie by canadian director Vince D'Amato, to be released in 2013 for Brivido Giallo Productions / Creepy Six Films.

promo guy // 03/07/2013


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