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Asymmetry Festival 5.0 - Regular sale of the passes is on!

4-day passes are in a special price now - 190 pln. The passes will be available on
website and via
Ticketpro, Eventim, eBilet and Ticketportal. Let us remind you, that the
first part of special price passes that we released, was sold out in few

From the beginning of 2013 one-day passes will be available in pre-sale
at the price of 60 to 90 PLN.

Asymmetry Festival 5.0 is a celebration of alternative culture and
music. From 01-04.05.2013 in Centennial Hall in Wroclaw (Poland), in the
architecture designed for tomorrow, we'll be hosting a music festival
and Asymmetry Convention. At the festival we're inviting extraordinary
characters from rock and metal music, the artists of electronics and
jazz. Among them you'll find big headliners and new faces, classics and
special projects. The convention will be a meeting place for organizers
of other festivals and journalists, teachers and spokesmen, explorers
and experts, producers and virtuosos.

For now, we got confirmation of their appearance at the Asymmetry 5.0
from: Swedish giants of post metal - Cult of Luna, presenting storming
mixture of jazz and metal - Norwegian Shining,Dutch jazz and
electronics - The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble,Belgian post-hardcore -
Amenra, Norwegian band Mayhem - classics and pioneers of black metal;
placed between black metal, post rock and neofolk - Agalloch from
Portland, English collective Von Magnet, Italian Metallic Taste Of
Blood, one of the fastest contemporary drummers in the world - Balįzs
Pįndi, American raper from Seattle - Astronautalis, and electronic
Italian duet Matadores.

The list is not closed yet. Another artists - from Estonia, Ukraine,
Belarus, Russia, Germany and Poland - will be announced shortly.

promo guy // 03/12/2012


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