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James Brown Brownie (SENNEN)

Hear what the best band in the world, right now, have to say to us...

Tell us something about Sennen?

Sennen is a very small and picturesque village on the Cornish coast in
England, the name of a breed of mountain dog and also the name of our band.

Tell us something about your name?

'Sennen' is the name of a Ride track which appeared on the Today Forever EP
in 1991.
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What do you think of "nu-gaze" term? Do you find your sound in that?

There is an obsession in the British music press with pigeon-holing and
labeling. The first instinct of many people who write about rock bands for
magazines or web sites is to try to figure out which genre the band fits in,
who they sound like or who they are trying to copy. Therefore every band has
to fit into a distinct and convenient compartment. I don't think we as a
band found our sound in either nu-gaze or shogaze music, but I do think that
some of the bands from that period drew their influences from very similar
places to us.

Who has the biggest influence on your sound?

Teenage Fanclub, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, New Order

Song/album that changed your life?

I remember hearing Venus in Furs on the Evening Session on Radio 1 when I
was a kid and it sounded totally different to anything I'd ever heard
before. Albums…many, but one that probably affected all of us is Ladies And
Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space because we all, at one stage, were
obsessed with it and because it shaped a lot of our musical thinking.

Tell us something about new album, Age of Denial? Does your sound changed?

We seemed to write more energetic songs on this album. There's more
variation in pace I think. But even if we're making a racket with the
guitars, we still try to have melodies and harmonies and songs.

You did great Bizarre Love Triangle cover. Are there any other songs that
you would like to cover?

Thanks. We actually did a cover of Nightime by Big Star the week Alex
Chilton died, at a Sonic Cathedral show in London. We've only played it that
one time, Larry and Rich are Big Star fans and we felt like doing a kind of
tribute. We've also covered December by Teenage Fanclub for a Creation
Records compilation that's coming out over here.

Sennen - Bizarre Love Triangle

What do you think about myspace in promotional purposes? Do you prefer other kind of promotion?

To be honest the whole internet promotion thing is a tricky area. We are on
an indie label over here, and so we have to try to promote ourselves as much
as possible, but it's tough to find the right spot between promoting
yourself and sounding like desperate and particularly boring whores. Myspace
in particular isn't really very useful for promotion as it only seems to be
bands talking to other bands on there. The internet may have given an
opportunity for anybody with a computer to get their music heard, but at the
same time there's so many bands out there you struggle to be heard above the
noise, and shouting the loudest isn't always the best way of doing it.

Are there plans for european tour? Don't forget Zagreb! Deal?

Deal! We'd love to tour Europe again this year - we toured with dEUS in 2008
and it was the best tour we've ever done. The European audiences we found to
be much more open-minded and less cynical than British audiences. It was a
brilliant two weeks, and we'd be back in Europe and in Zagreb in a flash.

What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?

Hmm, the last album I listened to was Penthouse by Luna. On tour recently we
listened to Ash, Animal Collective, Neil Young, Yuck, Camera Obscura...

Tell me something I would never guess about you?

Larry is related to Horatio Nelson.

pedja // 12/07/2010


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