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Afi, death by stereo, Ignite / Wien (Arena) / 08. May 2007.

Only two weeks after the delight for melody/hardcore/punk music lovers, when Lagwagon and Rise Against played in the Arena on 24th and 25th of April, Vienna is offering us three more bands that became very popular and are one of the leaders of american scene. Organisers decided to do this concert an Open Air and they put more tickets in sale.
Tickets are still avalible, in Croatia you can buy them at www.eventim.hr
At the entrance the price is 22 euros.

AFI was founded in 1991 by Mark Stopholese, Vic Chalker & Davey Havok. All three went to High school in Ukiah, California. Adam Carson became the drummer. After the High school they fell apart because each went separate ways. But, when they got together to do a live concert, they decided to quit college and devote theirselves to music. AFI have broaden their circle of fans with their numerous tour, EP's and compilations. Once they were the guest band of Offspring and then a lot of people heard about them. They also toured with Rancid, The Distillers, Tiger Army and Sick of it all. Then AFI got the attention of the label Dreamworks. They published a groundbraking Sing of Sorrow album in 2003, with the help of Butch Vig and Jerry Fin, and Nick 13 from Tiger Army.
They went sky high on the charts. In 2004. they sold 1 000 000 copies ang got a Platinum.
Their new album Decemberunderground has immediately made 1st place on US charts, and the Miss Murder single is currently popular in German mainstream.
They also received a Best Rock Video Award at MTV Video Music Awards for song Miss Murder.
Music of AFI has changed during the years. Before they played Garagepunk, but now they have developed Hardcore-Punk style. After the Jade Puget became the new guitarist, the band had their more peaceful moments and ballads. This has continued on The art of drowning, until they released Sing of Sorrow in 2003, their most musical and epic album ever, which allowed little electro experiments. Experiments achieved a new level in Decemberunderground. Punk and Hardcore are only partially present, thou clearly heard, they now go side by side with the elements of electronic, epic choirs, pop and melody sound. They are obviously influenced by the eighties (The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode)

Blindside is Emocore/Post-Hardcore/Alternative Metal band from Stockholm. They are founded in 1994 as Underfree, and they are renamed in Blindside in 1996.

Ignite from Orange County are not just another hardcore band. They don't care about their image. They live for the moment. They don't live on old fame. Ignite are a Rock band with roots in Hardcore, they support the charity projects like Habitat for Humanity, Sea Shepards, Project Blue Sea & Earth First.


Death by Stereo is a hardcore band from Orange County, California, founded in 1996. Though they are labeled as hardcore, they definately have their own style and are regarded as one of the most successful bands. Their song have very long names, and their lyrics critisize the politics with a lot of irony.


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