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New "rock band that plays electronic music" on the block... Ladies & gentleman, INFADELS... Richie, their keyboard player was kind enough to answer on some of our questions...

T. Where are you now and what are you doing?

Lazing in my very tiny east London flat enjoying a rare bit of free time!

T. I know that everybody is asking, but why did you name yourself INFADELS?

Back when started the band the word "infidel" was being banded about in the news by various people. After being bombarded with it for so long Bnann looked up the meaning which was "non-believer of society, religion and politics". We felt it summed us up nicely as at the time we were so rubbish we didn't even believe in ourselves.

T. A brief history of how the band started?

Infadels grew out of another band called Balboa. We spent years doing everything wrong…we never played gigs, we rehearsed endlessly and wasted thousands of pounds trying to create the perfect song. Eventually we woke up in the worst band ever and took the decision to end it immediately. With the revised mission of giging endlessly, never rehearsing and releasing records, the Infadels began!

T. Your album "We are not the Infadels" is general mix of almost everything we know in music? Is there a name for that kind of music?

Yeah - we have no idea! It does seem to be the thing that confuses people the most. I guess we are a rock band that plays electronic music. Electronic rock n roll…how about that!
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T. How did you choose Jagz Kooner to produce the album?

When we began recording the album the label suggested that we work with Jagz and he ended up being the perfect choice. In fact - we still can't think of anyone we'd rather work with. We knew of his work with Primal Scream, particularly on the "Xtrmntr". It was exactly where we wanted to be heading.

T. You're from London. Is it harder for you to become "world" popular or to some band from smaller cities?

I'd say it's harder to come out of a city like London. There are so many bands and as a result people become more passé towards them. If we came from Grimsby I think we would have found life a bit easier.

T. You have/had interesting competition on your web-site for remixing your forthcoming single "Love Like Semtex"? Were there interesting remixes, who is the winner and how did you chose him?

We've yet to decide a winner but we have had some very interesting entries. It's ranging from a 12 year old cutting up the track on their PlayStation to full on produced cover versions. We had one poor confused soul who thought the idea was to put the song back together again. He wrote us a mail saying, "I've reassembled your track. What do I win?".

T. Why 1'20''?

Well…the track is 1 minute 20 seconds long but it's a reference to John Cage. He composed a piece of music made up of total silence and named it after it's duration.

T. Is there any song that you would like to cover or remix and any artist that you would like to play with?

We're going to have a stab at covering Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance". We love the track and it fits into the Infadels sound quite well. I'd love to remix James Blunt and turn him into the evil techno overlord he's dying to be.

T. What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?

At the moment we're listening to the new Hot Chip album which is rocking the bus pretty hard. At home i'm listening to Psychic TV in preparation of their return.

T. Tell me something I would never guess about you?

Since I was 8 I've had a socially crippling video game addiction. In 1992 I was national Sega champ…I was all over TV and everything. Sadly the following year I lost to a six year old kid. Never lived it down…

pedja // 05/06/2006


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