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Bažant Pohoda 2014 festival, 10>12/07/2014 @ Trenčín Airport, Trenčín (Slovačka) #4

Besides great international bands (Kraftwerk, Suede, Tricky, Goldfrapp...), there are several Slovak and Checzh bends worth listen. Here are few of them...

Ohm Square

When in 1997 the band Ohm Square released their debut album Ohmophonica, it was like a miracle on the local music scene. There was probably no one in the then Czechoslovakia who played such progressive dance and electronic music with a world-class sounds. Several years have passed since then and members of the band have had a great umber of side projects in the meantime, the recorded soundtracks for films, but they never forgot about Ohm Square and released four more albums (the last one in February of this year). They are currently working as a duo Jan2 and Charlotte One, joined by a concert guest Mirek Lacko.

Never Sol

A representative of the delicate and the poetic is a Czech project backed by a singer Sarah Vondraskova who was helped with the production by Jan P. Muchow. Captivating songs in which acoustic instruments blend with delicate electronics accompanied by a strong and interesting vocal easily get into your blood.

Manon Meurt

From the moment a young band Manon Meurt opened for the legendary My Bloody Valentine at their concert in Prague, they have only been described in superlatives. Full sounds, strong rhythms and a proper guitar - all that was combined by two boys and two girls from Rakovník into a clean shoegaze beauty.

Jana Kirschner

The musical story of Jana Kirschner has been incredible. Her latest album Moruša: biela has aroused a well-deserved interest and has become one of the music events of the year. Her first shows with a band of amazing musicians received rave reviews and we can't wait to see them music-kiss our airport together.


Slovakian, but most of all, Czech critics regard this Vlado Ďurajka project as the best of what we have in the electronic scene in this region. Autumnist moves toward song-like elements on Sound of Unrest , but his typical walls of dark sound do not retreat either. A performance with full live band just holds you spellbound.


Fallgrapp is an electroacoustic project, represented by a musician Jureš Líška. It started in 2012 and in that same year it won the author's competition Fatt Kools, which focuses on finding new talents. At concerts they combine electronic beats with a violin trio, percussions, synthesizer and vocals. Their music was also used in a UNICEF campaign, they regularly appear in playlists of both Slovak and foreign radio stations. In March Fallgrapp released their debut album titled "Rieka" with Gergaz as a publisher, which, according to many, belongs among the best Slovak albums of the recent period.


Band Millhouse was a success in Demovnica program and this earned them a slot in our festival's lineup. These guys incline towards stoner rock and grunge, are excellent players and have an amazing vocalist-frontman Shorty.

pedja // 14/06/2014


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