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Alex Svenson-Metés (SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS)

Tell us something about Sad Day for Puppets?
There's nothing like us in sweden. I'm very proud to be part of it.

A brief history of how the band started?
It was martin, who writes all the songs, anna and marcus that started playing together. It became a proper band a couple of years later. Martin recorded his songs as demos in my studio. We met every 6 months for long sessions. When he had a dozen songs ready i felt it was too good to be just... demos. So, i insited we should start working more professional. And the rest is history.

I think that Sad Day For Puppets is vary interesting ame. Do you know what puppets are sad?
the name is just a name. It comes from an episode of a famous TV serial. In that particular episode you'll see why the puppets became 'sad'.

We really love your sound. Describe it in a few words?
Many thanks, we appreciate it, glad to hear it.
Like something you've heard before... but still, like nothing else.

Are you shoegaze? Or Nu-gaze? Or both? Or nothing of that?
No, nothing of that at all. But, unfortunately people need titles and epithets to guide them in music. So, it just happened in the very beginning of the band's first days, we named it shoegaze for fun. But, i personally think it's too melodic and classic sounding to be called shoegaze. Occasionaly i listen to bands that origin from the so-called nu-gaze genre. There are some great bands out there today.

What are the main differences between your first album and the
second one?

We worked more intensive as a band on the second album. In comparision to the debut, which was a kind of a studio album, we started rehearsing a half year before the takes. Martin had a very precise idea about the sound and the songs. The band merged into it immediately and there you go, an album was made.

Why did you chose to re-record song Anne says from "Just Like a Ghost EP"?
Well, it's acctually not a re-recording of the same song. it's a 'part 2'. this is the second part of the story about anne, a friend of martin and marcus. we hope there will be a third one to continue the story.

You were on tour with A Place to Bury Strangers? I really like them. Tell my something about the tour?
I like them too. Very nice guys, great songs and suggestive shows. We have met them and toured as support for them a couple of times. I've never seen a guitarist repare his guitar so fast as front man oliver ackermann does. They have become big now, but when you're together with them they don't show that kind of manners at all. They help carry our stuff and lend out their backline if we need to borrow it. A very loyal band.

There are so many interesting bands from Sweden on international scene? Do you know some others that deserve to be the part of it, but they aren't yet?
An artist called - little children

Sad Day For Puppets 'Marble Gods'

Are there any song that you would like to cover and any artist that you would like to play with?
'here i go again' by whitesnake.

Song/album that changed your life?
My life changes every 5 years and so does my music taste. Albums that have been important to me are, 'destroyer' by kiss, 'plastic surgery disaster' by dead kennedys, 'sgt pepper's lonely heart club band' by the beatles and 'surfer rosa & come on pilgrim' by pixies.

Which do you prefer, cd, vinyl or mp3?
I like all kinds of formats. they all serve a certain purpose, but if i have to choose only one i must say... vinyl. Vinyl is like a hardback book, it gets old with dignity.

What do you listen when you're at home, on tour, right now…?
Well, we all have different taste, but it's always fun when someone's made a playlist in the ipod. I dare to say we all share a passion for melodies, no matter if it's boston, dinosaur jr, barbara streisand or vashti bunyan. Right now i prefer The Stooges to anything else.

Tell me something I would never guess about you?
I know all national flags of the world. Strange hobby, you could call it flag-spotting.

Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?
music is like medicine and food. If it's good for you, take it.

All questions answered by Alex Svenson-Metés, bass player in Sad Day For Puppets. Alex is also a person who running the label HaHa Fonogram.

pedja // 18/10/2010


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